Hackeed By Sniper haxXx

14 Aug - Jashne Azadi Mubaraq ho Pakistanio  

How are you indians ??? Remember me ? Sniper haxXx ? Your DAD ! 

Its a payback to your indian skid " god zilla " and our fingers in your modi sarkaar

Pakistan will remain till end but not india and its truth

We want freedom of kashmir and we will fight till the victory  

Every time you make propagandas against us rather it is stoping our water on dams or supporting terrorists

Now No warning for you 2.5 million gays ! now we have decided our destiny is " Gazwa tul Hind " 

Because every single terrorist which we arrest has made in india weapons and why should we (Pakistan) be left behind in proxy war against india ? 

After the Karachi attack now you will see thousands of mumbai attacks in india 

And we love the Muslims rather they are in india 

And Modi we will finish you by cutting your head out of your neck and playing football with it  

We are the sons of Ghaznavi , Abdali , Tipu , Slahudin Ayubi , and Shaeens of Iqbal 

Itz Green Blood Running in my veins ! and lastly but not least your ashoka and akhand bhrat dream is just dream  Face Us ! Feel Us ! Remember us ! 

~!~ Greetings With Every Pakistani ~!~

Sign Of Breavery The Pakistan Army and ISI

       ~!  Free  Kashmir  ~!~ Pakistan Zindabad ~!~
Hackers Family Pakistani Peoples ~ Pak Cyber Army ~ Pakistan Haxors Crew Pak Cyber Eaglez ~ The Hackers Army ~  Pak Cyber Pyrates
~ Anonymous Pakistan ~ 
Pak Cyber Mafia ~ Team Cyber Switch ~ Kashmir Cyber Army ~ Pak Cyber Strikers and 3rr0r404
Special Greetings :- ISI - Pakistan Army - Pakistan Navy - Pakistan Cyber Army - Kashmir Cyber Army - Pakistan Haxor Crew - Pak Cyber Pyrates - Pak Cyber Experts -


Agr Babri masjid ki jagah raam mandir bnao gy tu phr :-


Duwarka Per hamloo ki centuries hum complete kerin gy 


Agr Muslmano k qatil kutay modi ko nahi tangu gy 

tu pher apne mulk k tokrey kerwaney k liye tiyaar ho jao

Free Assam, free nagaland, free kashmir , free khalistan , free tamil elam , free asaam , free nagaland , free kamtapur , free Gujraat 

Apne Baaapoo ko Pehchanoo -

Future of india